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The word ‘Manumit’ means ‘to set free from slavery’.

Manumit Coffee Roasters offers dignity and hope to survivors of modern slavery through training & employment. Our coffee is roasted by men and women who have suffered horrendous exploitation at the hands of modern slave traders but are now rebuilding their lives. 

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Slavery Free Stamp

Slavery free From crop to cup

Sourcing coffee ethically

We seek to build relationships with the coffee farmers we buy from and do rigorous research to ensure that there is no exploitation happening at the point of origin.

Employing survivors

All of our coffee is roasted by survivors of modern slavery. We pay the living wage and provide training, coaching and support to help them as they rebuild their lives.

investing our profits

For freedom. Not profit.
We are committed to investing all profits from the sale of our coffee into local and global anti-slavery initiatives. 

Coffee pouring into our roaster
For Freedom. Not Profit.



(From India)

I always feel so safe and happy at the roastery. I have been working since I was 7 years old and this is the first time I have ever enjoyed work. We have a lot of fun and I have received so much support here.


(From Eastern Europe)

I used to feel very hopeless, but since becoming part of Manumit my life has taken a different direction. I feel free and started to make my dreams come true. I am very comfortable here because they have helped me build confidence and it is helping me to have a better future.

* Alex is a talented artist and we are currently using some of her designs on our packaging.


(From Eastern Europe)

Manumit is a good place to work because I am surrounded by people who are really kind and helpful. At Manumit I found the confidence to start another job as a cleaner.


(From East Asia)

I have worked with Manumit for about a year. They have given me lots of chance to try different things. I have gained confidence and work experience with no pressure. I am very happy to be working with Manumit.


(From Eastern Europe)

I have grown in self confidence and learned lots of new skills. The people I work with are so helpful and I feel very hopeful about my future.


(From Southeast Asia)

Manumit Coffee company is amazing! Everyone there is so kind. They gave me a job when no one else would give me a job. The people who work there have really helped me in my life. They have trained me and helped me to learn new skills for work. I am so grateful.


(From Eastern Europe)

Before I started working for Manumit I had no hope, no joy, no friends. Manumit helped me to build my confidence. I had great colleagues and I met new people. I now work as a carer, looking after people. It’s an amazing and rewarding job. Without Manumit I would be nothing. They had faith in me and never let me give up.


(From Africa)

I worked for Manumit for 8 months and they were so loving and accommodating. They helped me to grow in lots of ways such as self-confidence and boldness, and to see my future in a positive way. Today I provide web support for an insurance company. I am so thankful to Manumit for encouraging me to chase my dreams.


(From Africa)

I enjoy working with Manumit. The people I work with are so kind and lovely and they really motivate me. I so thankful to my support worker who introduced me to them - I am proud to be part of the Manumit team.


(From Eastern Europe)

Manumit has changed my life! I worked with them for 8 months. During that time they ran a barista training course and I gained a qualification which later helped me to find work at a cafe and the bakery where I now work. In short - they are the best!

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