House Roast

House Roast

£9.00  (regular)

About this coffee

SIPI TANGWEN is a beautiful, fruity, naturally processed coffee grown by a wonderful community of coffee growers in eastern Uganda. The purchase price of this coffee includes a dedicated premium used to fund social projects in the community. 

The Zukuka Bora Coffee project was set up to support the people of Mt Elgon in many different ways. While coffee farmers are at the heart of the project, the profits from the project are also used to support their partner NGO: JENGA Community Development. JENGA have been working in the Mt Elgon area for almost 20 years, and had laid much of the groundwork for Zukuka Bora to build relationships with farmers and their communities. JENGA operate a range of projects - including education sponsorship, clean water schemes, savings groups, health promotion and training, and wider farming support.

Ethical sourcing is of paramount importance to us at Manumit and so it with great joy that we are able to partner with Zukuka Bora with whom we have a great working relationship, indeed one of our directors, Nick, spends several months of each year on the ground with the farmers who grew this coffee. We really hope you enjoy the fruit of their labours. 

Taste notes: Peach, red apple & raspberry.

Ethically Sourced

We are fully committed to sourcing all of our coffee from farmers who are being treated well and paid fairly at the point of origin. 

Where possible we are building personal links with those we are buying from and actively seeking ways to meaningfully support coffee-growing communities.

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