Premium Roast

Premium Roast

£10.00  (regular)

About this coffee

Sipi Falls is an absolutely stunning honey processed coffee from Uganda.

Grown on the heights of Mount Elgon in eastern Uganda and produced by our good friends Zukuka Bora Coffee Co., we are thrilled to be able to offer this coffee as our current Premium Roast. 

We have have spent a significant amount of time on the ground with Zukuka and have witnessed first-hand how well the coffee farmers are treated. We are therefore able to say with confidence that this delicious coffee is doing good all the way from crop to cup!

Taste notes: Peach, honey & chocolate.

Ethically Sourced

We are fully committed to sourcing all of our coffee from farmers who are being treated well and paid fairly at the point of origin. 

Where possible we are building personal links with those we are buying from and actively seeking ways to meaningfully support coffee-growing communities.

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