Special Roast

Special Roast

£20.00  (regular)

About this coffee

SELECCION CAJAMARCA is stunning washed coffee from Peru! 

Sourced from smallholder farmers in Cajamarca, northern Peru, our latest Special is another fruity beauty from South America. 

The Cajamarca region has a rich coffee heritage and in this region farmers take great pride in processing their own coffee to a high standard. This coffee certainly testifies to that fact. 

Taste notes: Drinking chocolate & oranges.

NB. Our Special Roast changes frequently and sells quickly so grab it while you can. Please also be advised that Special Roast is ONLY available in 500g bags and is NOT available on subscription.

Ethically Sourced

We are fully committed to sourcing all of our coffee from farmers who are being treated well and paid fairly at the point of origin. 

Where possible we are building personal links with those we are buying from and actively seeking ways to meaningfully support coffee-growing communities.

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