Special Roast

Special Roast

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About this coffee

PHETLAMKA is a stunning natural Gesha from Laos (the first gesha we've ever roasted and our first ever Laotian coffee). Phetlamka is grown in the Bolavens Plateau in South Laos – the most favourable region for coffee cultivation in the country. The region boasts high elevations (up to 1,350masl), rich volcanic soils, and a moderate climate with plentiful sunshine, rainfall and a low risk of frost. The gentle slopes of the plateau negate many of the farming challenges posed by more mountainous and varied terrain.

This Gesha lot is naturally processed. Strictly ripe cherries are washed, floated to select the highest density cherries and then dried in a greenhouse on raised African beds for 15-20 days. The cherries are carefully monitored and turned periodically to promote consistent drying and prevent over-fermentation or mold formation.

Taste notes: Toffee apple & fruit salad.

NB. Our Special Roast changes frequently and sells quickly so grab it while you can. Please also be advised that Special Roast is ONLY available in 500g bags and is NOT available on subscription.

Ethically Sourced

We are fully committed to sourcing all of our coffee from farmers who are being treated well and paid fairly at the point of origin. 

Where possible we are building personal links with those we are buying from and actively seeking ways to meaningfully support coffee-growing communities.

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